Friday, November 14, 2008

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Visitation

After that long hours of bus ride, my back are till aching. My flight to Sabah was at 10.15pm that night, and it will take about 1 hour and 25 minutes to reach there. Got a text from AirAsia saying that my flight will delay, but I still went to the airport earlier. At Kuching International Airport, there are no free wifi, I update my visitation to Mr Pat blogpost while waiting for the departure time. My last visit to Sabah was at the year 2004, that time Sabah was already a flourishing state, now I think she will be busier, and more flourishing than last time. I can’t wait to step my feet at Sabah.
1 1/2 hour later…
I’ve reach Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. After I got my luggage, I saw my friend is waiting for me. He bring me to the “Fook Yuen Coffee Shop” one of the famous spot at KK. Here the special item is the homemade bread; the bread is very thick and soft. Most of the time here will be pack with people coming for this bread. I also tried their nasik lemak, not bad.
I’ll post up some photos and places I’ve visited when I was at KK, good night my dear reader ;)

There’s not free wifi at KIA, but I still update my blog, have a lot of pending post.

yeah, is almost time for me to board. Double check my flight number and time, while doing nothing at the airport, I start to daydreaming on having those delicious seafood at KK, wow, the prawns, the fried squid, the fish. I’m hungry…

after 1 1/2 hour I reach KK, the line that I always get after I touchdown “Sir, you can’t take photo here.” :(

This is Terminal 2, is for the low cost airline AirAsia

Kedai Kopi Fook Yuan,

it was 12.20am, Fook Yuan coffee shop close very late. There is still parent bring their children out at this time for supper.

My supper, hot milo.

and the famous bread, is serve with butter and jam

I like this nasik lemak, the portion is little, perfect for supper.

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