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History of SRB Chung Hwa School Limbang, post # 1 of 2

Establish in 1917, and the first classroom is at the 1st floor of the old Limbang market. That time there were only a few students available, and this is how the school start.

The committee members of the school emphasize that the growth of Chinese Education is a virtue. So they start to form a formal committee group with proper organization chart. And also started to raise money from the public to build a bigger and better school for the children, for them to have a secure future ahead.

The “Fu Tek Chi” hall was build on the year 1937 with the kind donation from the school committee and public. And it was officially launch by the year 1938. The hall was marked with four words 礼义廉耻(li3 yi4 lian2 chi3) which are, “Manners”, “Morality”, “honest”, and “disgrace”. And to put all of this four words together is means “Honesty and Honor” This four words is the essence teaching of the Great Confucius, and it is the school motto of SRB Chung Hwa school. And this motto had been followed by thousands of students, and then make them the successful person they are today.

1938, after the school hall was form, the school was bombarded by the united army.

On the year 1942, World War 2 started. Japanese invaded the Southeast Asia. And this also affected the Brunei country (Limbang’s neighbor), and the Limbang town also badly damage by the war. And the Japanese then use the Chung Hwa School as their military base, and also force student to learn Japanese.

On the year 1945, when the united army came to defend the Japanese, many building had been bombarded, and this also includes the Chung Hwa School. The school had been totally destroyed by the nuclear boom, all its left is just a pile of rubble. And this had marked a miserable day in the history of the Chung Hwa School.

At the year 1946, the boards of director of the Chun Hwa School Limbang are very determine, as they know to be a good human being, once must be educated. And to have educated, once must go to school. So they start to pelage assistant from the Government, and use the government servants hostel as a temporary classroom to teach students.

1945, This is the temporary classroom for the students after the World War 2

1946, The Chung Hwa School new building, build at the exact location where the temporary classroom were.

The group photo of the school board of members and all the teachers.

Day by day, as time goes by. The number of students had increase dramatically. And the board of members knew that they now need more building to accommodate these new students.

1954, the school board of members had then bough another land, and at 1956 the school had successfully build its very first concrete building which also knows as Block A, and on 1971, another block was build as an extension to the existing block which knows as Block B. And the school was been certified by the Education Department as Primary School Type A.

photo of block a 1959
Photo of block A at 1959, the very first concrete building in the history of Chung Hwa School

bsb court
Photo of basketball court

And the numbers of students had then grow again, which the school had then build another block which know as Block C on the year 1996.

On year 2008, the school have 45 teachers, 1055 students, 25 classrooms. And addition to that, the school also has its own dentist clinic, a multimedia room, science lab, library, computer room, and a canteen. The school provide education from Kindergarten, until primary six.

block c 1987
Photo of block C at 1987, when students are getting greater, more new building was build to accommodated them.

As time goes by, the school has now stopped its service on 2010. The new school was build on anther location, and this historical building will be demolish soon.

Kerry and I went back to the school on the 1st of Jan 2011, and saw one of the board in the office. At first he tough that my brother and me are outsider, then we told him that we’re students here before.

Then he told us the reason that they going to sell this school (which I think is total bullshit) is that the location is not safe for the students, cause the land behind the school might cause a landslide. So they decided to sell out the building, and let the contractor develop the place (the school is in the center of the town).

Follow by more bullshit and stuff, which makes me want to get away from there as soon as possible.

Guys, in my next post, I'll post the photos that I took during my visit to my school. And the memories I had during my primary school time.
Before that, check out the video of my school.

Visitation to my alma mater

source taken from the Chung Hwa School website

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