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History of SRB Chung Hwa School Limbang, post # 2 of 2


This is the class room that I studied when I'm in primary 1. The Primary 1 C class, on my first day at school at the year 1987. That time I’m 6 years old. I still remember on the first day, my Malay teacher taught me on how to spell Malay words, recognize vocals and vowel. I don’t know why, my teacher only teaches me once, and I can remember all of it. And from then, I can read most of the Malay words.


This is the “dungeon” next to my primary 1 classroom. I have a gifted drawing talent when I was a kid, and one day, I invited a few of my buddies to come and paint on the wall with me. Yep…and then the teacher caught me and my gang.
Then my teacher hit us with rattan, and said that we MUST clean the wall with our painting on it. One of my friends got so scare that while we are doing our cleaning with wet clothes, he cried the whole process.

I was thinking that time what the hell he wanted to cry like that, the teacher are just hit us with rattan, and clean the wall. There is no big deal about it.


This is the music room, and shit!! This reminds me of my music class, we need to bring our flute on music class. I do bring my flute, but I just can’t remember all the music notes my music teacher taught. I have no interest at all, so that why every time when playing the flute I will just put the flute in my mouth, and pretend to play along with the rest of the guys.

Damn it, if I study hard that time to nurture my musical interest I might be the next Jay Chow today.


This is how my class looks like, and the table and chair it didn’t change a bit after more than 20 years. We have to sit in pairs, and the teacher knows that I’m a talkative in class, so she purposely asked me to sit with a girl.

When we’re a kid, for guys we usually don’t like to sit or talk to a girl, and now is like sitting with a girl. That’s the only way to keep my mouth shut during the class.


For our table, we will usually draw funny cartoon back in those days. Or we will carve a boy name and a girl name, and draw a love shape on their name. and god damn it again, my friend (who I draw his name with a girl) go and report to the teacher, and I got bitten up again.

Now when come to think of it, why I don’t like drawing but like photography. The teacher have some impact as well, she always hit me with rattan when I draw my masterpiece. So this hidden my drawing talent :(


So this is the chair that we use to sit on, I will draw an invisible line in between telling my next door neighbor not to pass the line that I draw, else she will wish that she’s never been born.


When we need to go to the music room, or science room, or multimedia room our class prefect will go to the teacher office to get the key. And they still practice that in present days, this really brings back a lot of memories.


One of the tasks that I hate most is to clean the blackboard, and I’m not sure why the teacher likes to assign me on that duty. I would rather go pickup litter or clean the toilet but not clean the blackboard.

I also remember my Mathematics teacher has one habits, and that is she likes to throw the chalk on the students who talk in class. I’m very fortunate this never happen to me, cause remember a girl is sitting right next to me, and we guys don’t like to talk or touch girls.


The single chair is for older students like in primary 4 and above. And when I get older, the naughtier I was. Sometime I even fight with friends on the next class, or students who are older than me.


And I also learn all the fouls language, so in almost every word that come out from me there will be one or two f word added inside.


The announcement, this is one of the devices that I hate most. Whenever this stuff turns on, we will know that is assembly time. And I hate assembly, we have to stand there, sing the Malaysia anthem, the state anthem, and follow by our school. Then the headmaster will start to talk crap, and before we go back to class, the discipline teacher will check on our nails and hair. I hate it, now I know why I hate meetings; this is where I nurture my habits.


Yeah, the sweep is still the same as well. My teacher will never schedule guys to do the sweeping but girls to do it. She knows that girls are better than guy on cleaning.


The good old canteen, now it looks really small. Back in my primary days it was really huge, my class is the nearest to the canteen when I studied primary 3. So almost everyone in the class will asked for our help to buy stuff, and then we eat together.

This mirror is here since my primary 1, and I have took the same photo here few years back.

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My last photo with the SRB Chung Hwa School Limbang. This is the place where I and all of the Chinese students learned all our education foundation, and it was indeed very sad to know that it will be demolish soon.

Thank you Chun Hwa school Limbang. I’ll remember you always :)

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Anonymous said...

Who is the guy who cried?? Mind to share?? Hehehe..BBT

Wilson said...

I'm not sure whether you still remember him or not, he's one of the top students. Bob.

BBT said...

of coz i remember him was fortunate that he left your gang...else we will lost another top student...again...:p

Anonymous said...

This article was vey helpful to me. It helped me to be informed and more aware. The details were such a blessing, thanks.

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Wilson said...

bijewrit, ur welcome, and thanks for dropping by.

is really pity when notice that they are going to torn the school down for commercial buildings :(

hope my little article can help those who wanted to know more about SRB Chung Hwa.