Monday, July 25, 2011

Penang Trip, Day 3

Today I told my mom and dad that I’m gonna bring them to the west side of Penang Island. And our first destination is to the famous Butterfly Farm.

The Penang Butterfly Farm

To find the butterfly farm is not that difficult, we stay at Batu Feringgi, and on the western side of Penang, the road is not that complicated like in George Town, I just need to drive strait, and able to reach my destination.

We are the first visitor to the farm; I went to buy the entrance fees. Hm… per entrance for adults is RM28. I asked my dad how old is he, he told me that he’s 58 this year, OMG~ my dear dad had fulfill the senior entrance fees. Poor dad, he had been working for all of these years to raise the 4 of us, give us education, and didn’t ask for any return. Love my dad…

So the farm was cool, but not what I imagine. Butterfly farm should have a lot of pretty flowers for the butterfly to collect honey. Here, not much flowers inside, and the butterflies most of them are small size, and looks the same to me.

When we enter the indoor exhibition, it also has other bugs display, tarantula, iguana, snakes, lizard (very BIG lizard which now still give me the goose bum) and a souvenir shop.


110725 Penang Butterfly Farm, a set on Flickr.

Lunch Time
We spend like almost 3 hours in the butterfly farm, cause my parent have to wait for me to finish taking photos. And dad has to wait for mom to buy the souvenir.

After that, mom said she’s hungry; look at the time is almost noon. I told mom they don’t have much chinese stall here, so we have to either go for Malay food or India food. I like the roti canai….

Then mom give me that face, oh well… so along the way, I stop by and ask an India stall where can I find a chinese food stall. And he’s kind enough to show me the direction, so I went…but all of the stalls close. I then bring mom and dad to the malay stall next to it, and we all had curry rich for lunch.

I ate a huge chicken drumstick, and drank a cup of delicious teh tarik. Mom said the food is spicy, she’s not use to eat spicy food.

Penang National Park
After the lunch, I found myself driving to the Penang National Park!!! So I park my car, and register ourselves at the counter.

The park ranger asked where we come from, I told him we’re from Sarawak. He told me that he’s from Sabah, I love Sabah, I then told him that I been there just last year, and had fallen in love to that land ever since. I will go back to Sabah again.

The park consist of several beaches, there are turtle beach, monkey beach, and several other beaches. But it all require 1 hours plus walking distant.

I know dad’s knee cap injure, so we went for the nearest one, to the suspension bridge which only took us like 15 minutes walks. Dad said next time we should come back here again, and bring food to picnic here. Good idea dad, I like that.

Fruits Garden
After the national park, our last destination for today is the fruits garden. The roads to the fruits garden are like snake, along the way, we drove pass the Dam of Penang also. We stop for photograph, dad just stay in the car. 

Mom and I went for a walk at the dam, and took some photos. Mom likes to take photos as well…lols.

Then proceed on with the snake like roads, a lot of sharp turns. And dad keeps on telling me drive slowly…. “Don’t worry dad, I have everything under control.” This is what I answer dad each time he asked me to drive slow.

When we reach that tropical garden, the fruits that they plant there are like star fruits, mango, durian, papaya, rambutan, banana. So if were to enter the farm, we need to pay RM30 for each person.

Mom said that these fruits are very common to us. We can easily see it at our house backyard, so why pay the money to see those fruits? Well mom has a point, so dad then suggests why don’t we use that entrance money, and go have some durian while we’re on our way back.

Dad, you’re the cleverest dad in the universe. I hurry start the car, and on our way to the durian stall.

Durian fest…

There are a few stalls of durian along the road, and we stop by at one of it. The owner speack hakka (a local dialect) and surprisingly the same dialect with us.

The durians are insanely cheap here, at first we bought 2 for just RM10. Then dad said he wants to try the bigger one, so this is RM5 for 1KG, and the durian the owner pick is like RM8 only.

OMG, I shouldn’t take that curry rice as lunch. After finish the last seed of the durian, I barely move. I told dad that I’m extremely full now, and I can even skip my dinner later. Dad said same goes for him.

The durians that we ate are all very delicious, I suggest to mom and dad we come back here again for durians, dad said Yes…. :D

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