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Penang Trip, Day 1

Thai Buddhist Temple, Burma Buddhist Temple, and Kek Lok Shi Buddhist Temple
“Ok, we should turn here…”
“where are we now…”
“drive carefully son…”
“why are they so close to us…”

These are the few word that my parent keeps repeating today, I’m driving my parent at Penang here to visit some of the tourist attraction spots. And I don’t have a GPS…yet… so the only thing I can rely on is the map that I've got when landed at Penang Airport.

But my dad is not good at reading map, and mom don’t know how to drive. Is all depends on my six sense now.
I’ve been here 2 years ago, so roughly know the roads around. We stayed at Batu Ferringi area, so our first stop is to the famous Thai Buddhist Temple, and the Burma Buddhist Temple.

I drive down the Batu Feringgi road, pass Tesco supermarket, pass Gurney Plazza, and if not mistaken the temple should be here somewhere. I asked my dad to keep at eye for a building which looks odd. So while I’m concentrating on my way, then dad point on the right, asking me what is that buiding…Eureka dad!!! That the one, thanks to dad we made it to our first stop.

I came here 2 years ago; my photos that I took that time most of them corrupted, because I burn them into data CD. So this time, I took like 3 – 4 time more photos than last time, and save it nicely into my external hard drive. 
The weather today are perfectly nice, I was very worry few days before my trip as I checked on the weather forecast it says that Penang is going to rain.

Burma Buddhist Temple


We visited the Burma Temple first, the temple are huge. I then acted as a part time tour guide and starts to explain the history about the temple to my parents (got the info from the internet actually) and I am also a part time photographer, and start to taking picture for my parent.

It always makes me feel happy when seeing the smiling faces on mom and dad. And dad as always are still so caring towards mom, each time when crossing the street he will hold mom’s hand. And this is a good example that I must learn from my dad.

Thai Buddhist Temple
The Thai Buddhist temple is just opposite the Burma Buddhist temple, and is huge as well. I’m so impress on the wall engraving are amazing. It is very details, and looks so real. There are a lot of stories about how the Buddha became from a prince to one of the greatest teacher in this world.

Unknown market for our lunch
After exploring the two Buddhist temple, I told dad that is almost time for tea break. So while roaming at the unknown roads, I saw this market which is pack with people. I am very hungry that time, and starts to imaging the fried clam kuih tiao of penang. I’m lucky to that a parking lot are just right in front of me when I think of the food.
Dad paid 60 cents to the India guy, he is kind enough to help us watch over our car, and are very polite as well.

The champion coffee shop
Why I call this place the champion coffeeshop is because the owner’s son is a bowling champion, and he’s the representative from the Malaysia team. A lot of trophy, cash rewards cert, and photos are hang at the wall of fame.

The business there are super good, we need to wait for our turns to get a spot to sit down. I ordered a penang prawn noodle for mom, a sweet roasted duck noodle for dad, and a fried clam kuih tiao for myself. I don’t understand why Penang people likes to mix the beehun and the noddles together. I find it very wired on mixing these two together.

My fried kuih tiao is not bad, but I don’t fine the legendary prawn noodles to taste good. I’m use to the food taste back in Sarawak…

Kek Lok Shi Buddhist Temple


I stop and asked for direction for 2 times, and finally I manage to find this famous temple. This temple had the biggest and highest Guan Ying Buddha status at Malaysia, and this is also one of the signatures here.
Dad and mom was like speechless when they’re here, lols. They keep on praising on how huge the temple is, and is magnificent.

I worry dad will get bad headache, so before we enter the temple, we had a cool coconut drinks to make sure they have enough water. 

That temple are full of tourist, this is a good sign as another main sours of income for the temple are from the tourist. So I hope everyday this place will be flood by tourist.

I took a lot of photos of dad and mom together, the building, and the Buddhist statues. Not just that, I snaps a few panorama shoots as well. I want to take as much photos as I can to record down my wonderful trip with my parents.

Dad likes to take photos as well, as I saw him keep on using his nokia phone to take photos. Then he can show off to his friends when he get back home later. Lols…..

There are a spot at the temple where they plant a lot of flowers, the hibiscus flowers are pretty and big.
There is a big bell towel, after you make your wish, you use the wood to knock on the bell, and then your wish will come true. I teach dad and mom how, and they made their own wish. For dad, I maybe know what he wish for, if not mistaken maybe is the grand winner of the lottery  :P

Call it a day
Dad and mom are tired after all the walking, praying, photography, and eating. We had an early dinner at one of the coffee shop near the temple. Dad are the Hai Nan chicken rice and it cost RM4.50, the portion are so little, is so expensive!!!

On our way back, it only takes me 30 min. I think I am starting to get familiar with the Penang roads now. Good start, see you guys in my next travel post. 

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