Sunday, July 31, 2011

Penang Trip, Day 9 (Last Day at Penang)


My last day at Penang, and the only pace that I went is the Heong Shan Shi Buddhist temple. I was with my parent to attend a Buddhist chanting ceremony, as this is the month of July in the Chinese Lunar, so usually as a Buddhist it would be good if we go to the Buddhist center and pray.

There is a big puja ceremony at this Buddhist temple, and it starts at 9AM and ends at 8PM. Well of course in the middle there are break time.

This is the first time mom and dad come to Penang, and throughout this few days I bring them around Penang, and am really glad that they are having a good time here.

All of my brothers also concern about mom, cause she sometime worry to much about us. Guess all the mom in this world will do the same for their kids.

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Coffee Girl said...

I love Penang food, and the beach. :-)

Wilson said...

dont forget the durians :P
yumm yumm...