Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Penang Trip, Day 4

Today I’m gonna visit the Penang Hill a.k.a Bukit Bendera a.k.a 升旗山; I’m a bit lost when on our way to the Penang Hill. I’ve got a bit confuse when I refer to my map… hey tourism of Penang if you see this blog post of mine, I want to let you know that there is a mistake that you made in your map.

In the map, the place near the Penang Hill it wrote Air Intam, but when I’m on the road, the sign board keep on showing Air Hitam. I tough these are 2 different places, so I always avoid that place, and try to search for Sign board showing Kek Lok Shi.

When I notice that I’m going in circle, I then give up. I stop my car at one of the petro station, and asked for direction. Then the guy told me that I just need to follow Air Hitan, god damn it… I knew the map is wrong, or the signboard….

The Penang Hill, a.k.a Bukit Bendera

After several minutes, when reaching the Air Hitam area. I can see the Kek Lok Shi Buddhist temple from far distant, and I told my dad that we’re on the right track already.

When reach the place, I try to look for a place to park my car. There is a car park building just next to the entrance of Penang Hill, but is not open for public, and I don’t know why.

So I drive into the residential area, and park along the small lane (which mean free parking :D)

The tickets for the train to go uphill, Malaysia adults RM8, senior citizen RM4, and student RM4. I always wanted to ride the train, because last time I came the train was under maintenance. And now finally I get to ride it.

My patent and I sat at the last cottage, mom said the don’t want to face the downhill position cause she will get dizzy. Dad is exited, and I saw him start taking picture again with him nokia mobile..lols. he asked mom to smile at the camera, but mom just gave dad her bitter face :D

The train when going up are fast, it only took us like 2 minutes to reach the height of 450M above sea level. The view up there are nice, we get to see almost the entire George Town. But due to haze/fog… the view is not that clear.

On top of the hill, there is a mosques, and a Hindu temple. The weather are slightly cold, and windy. Is not Hot, this is what I like, cozy weather.

One thing that I’m very surprise is that the food stall here, they sell fried noodles, and fried rice. So in a tourist place like this the food should be expensive, but it sell like RM4 per place. That’s the same price we can get in a normal coffee shop. Cool!!!

There are also a lot of Thai tourists when we’re there. All are students I think cause they’re wearing the same t-shirt. Some of the Thai babe are pretty.

Kek Lok Shi Buddhist Temple

After the Penang Hill, because the Kek Lok Shi Temple is just like 5 minutes’ drive away, then I drove my parent to the temple again. After this trip, we wouldn’t know when will be our next trip to Penang again, so I told mom let’s go back again and took some more picture.

Mom likes to collect key chain, so she bought a lot of key chain while at Kek Lok Shi temple. And for me and dad, our legs feel numb, so we just sit at the staircases, and ate ice-cream while waiting for mom to finish her shopping.

While on our way home, dad and I are still thinking of the Durian that we ate yesterday. Dad suggest that we go back this Friday, I second it. Yup, to this coming Friday, I’m bringing you for durian fest again (virtual one…lols)

Lunch Time
Had our lunch at one of the coffee shop near the Penang Hill, I’m lucky enough to get a parking space just in front of the coffee shop.

When we’re in the coffee shop, I check on what to eat. Mom went and ordered a Hai Nan chicken rice. I was thinking of getting a fried noodles, but they don’t have it here. I saw Laksa, no thank you, then I saw curry noodles, no thank you as well….shit, not much stuff I can eat here (really not use to the food here).
I asked dad what to eat, he said “what ever you order, get one for me.” Sigh…this dad, he’s always so lazy to go order his food :D

Then I had no choice but to order the same Hai Nan chicken rice like mom had. I order the big portion one, but when it reaches, are you kidding me?!! is like very small portion #@$%@!!
Mom knew that I’m not full, so she bought a bun for me..awwww, but when I are the bun, hmmmm I told mom is not that delicious, because it has a strange taste. Mom agree as well, so I miss the bun at Kuching…

Dad sais he’s tired after the lunch, so we went back and rest early today.

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