Sunday, July 24, 2011

Penang Trip, Day 2

This morning when I started the car engine, I saw rain drops in front of the car windshield. Great, I told my mom the weather forecast was right after all, it starts to rain now. So my mom asked me to take an umbrella along.
I plan to bring my parent to George Town for a city tour today, I hoping to walk them to most of the historical temple, and buildings. But the rain had ruin all my plan.

Fort Conwallis

I start to drive slowly to the Jetty, and before I reach the Jetty I saw is the fort Conwallis. Today is Sunday, and they have an event going at the esplanade. I parked my car near the ferry ticket counter. And punch in 60 cents to the parking machine for 45 minutes.

Just when I notice, the rain had stop. My parent and I walk to the main entrance of the fort, and we paid RM6 for 3 adults.

There is a dungeon looking building, I asked my mom and dad to go inside.  When we’re inside, mom told me that the prisoners are so pity to be kept in this room, the air ventilation is not good, they will suffocate. Mom continues to mumble and said that if they put she inside this building, she will pass out immediately. I told my mom that she’s to timid.

The Penang Ferry
I look at my watch, OMG~ I told dad that is almost 45 minutes, we have to hurry and get back to our car. On my way back, I asked like at least 3 person (who I assume they live at Penang)…

“Hi, may I know how much do I have to pay for the compound if I overpark?”

Answer 1, from the girl that sells souvenir “I don’t know, not sure about that”

Answer 2, from the guy who looks after the private parking lot “Are you one of the Star Cruse passanger, I don’t know, you ask someone else…”

Answer 3, from pass by senior guy “I don’t know, maybe RM30” <- WTH
Then I told my parent let just get out of here, and I will fine a free parking myself. And I did, I park my car at the Jetty. Then we walk to ride the ferry to cross over Butterworth.

Ferry to Butterworth

I remember last time I paid like RM1 for the ferry tickets, and this time I notice a signboard saying free for passenger…. Hm…. Since when it is free?

Mom bought us some biscuit to eat, she asked me to eat 2 cause she said I’m hungry. I was thinking, how do you know mom?

I took some photos on George Town, the Star Cruse ship, and the Jetty. Magnificent view, also took some panorama shoots. Should get a wide angle lens…

When we reach Butterworth, we didn’t depart but just continue to stay in the ferry, and go back to George town again. The whole journey took us 1/5 hours, dad said this is his first time to see the Penang bridge himself, and mom enjoyed the journey too. I’m worry mom will get sea sick, but she said the ferry is quite stable, so she is ok.

The craw keep on flying into the ferry to look for food to eat, I try to scare them off, but they scare me instead. Damn you stupid craw….

Komtar Supermarket
After we depart, dad said he’s a bit tired. So I drive them to Komtar for lunch. I park my car at the multilevel car park, and I have to drive (in a circle direction) all the way to level 6 (dizzy). Paid RM3, and I am allow to park my car until 5pm today.

Inside the building, we had our lunch at one of the fast food coffee shop, and I took curry, and a chicken drumstick which cost me RM5…oh man, this is expensive!!!

After our lunch, we start to shopping. I bought a new deck of UNO card, I will teach my parent how to play, so when our journey back to Kuching we can play UNO while inside the plane.

One very good practice from the Penang shopping malls is they don’t give out plastic bag anymore. Most of the people bring their own recycle bag, after they shop, they will put all their stuff inside their recycle bag. If you didn’t bring any, you just have to carry the stuff like that…

We spend like 2 hours at Komtar, then dad said he want to go back and rest. So after that, I drive my parent back to rest.

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