Saturday, July 30, 2011

Penang Trip, Day 8

This morning my friend brings us to 2 gardens at Penang, which is the Botanical Garden, and the Penang 

Municipal Park
Botanical Garden, Penang Municipal Park
Both of these park has a lot of people, this is nowhere to be found back in Kuching. I found out why when I start to walk in the municipal park.

Inside the park, there are free entrance, the government build a lot of outdoor gym equipment for the public, not just that, there are also 3 – 4 small swimming pools for the kids, several tracks which has their own unique themes, they also has a court specially for skateboard, and BMX bicycle.

A lot of senior people group together for morning exercise, and practice tai chi.

One thing that I regret is during my walk at the garden, I forgot to bring my camera…
Sorry guys, no photo to be shown here.

Goddness of Mercy Temple

This is also known as the Guan Yin temple, is a popular temple at Penang which specially dedicated to the goddness of mercy. It establish in 1728!!! That’s more than 300 years aleady, we went there around 7AM, there are already a lot of people there.

Some selling joss stick, some sells flowers, fruits, food. And also a lot of beggars sit near the temple, even inside the temple, and most of them are old people. Penang has a lot of beggar especially at spiritual places.

Vegetarian Breakfast

After all the walking, my friend said is time for breakfast. So we went to a vegetarian restaurant for breakfast. This restaurant is situated just near the place that we stay, I wonder why I didn’t notice this before.

I had fried rice, with foufu, spicy sauce, vegetarian sausage, and some small chili to spicy thing up. Mom doesn’t like spicy food, and she likes vegetable.

The restaurant is pack with customer; the business is good here, as my friend told us this is due to the reasonable price here. I guess this is the essence of doing business.

Peal Hill

Then, my friend bring us to one of the best view at Batu Feringgi, is a residential area called the Pear Hill Villa. Many huge and pretty houses was built along the way up the hill, and on the very top of the hill, there are also a Chinese temple.

It took us quite some time to look for the place, as my friend told us that the last time she was here is about 5 years ago. We asked for direction along the way, and finally got it right.

When we’re on top of the hill, is very windy, and I can see almost the entire Batu Feringgi area. The coast line, the buildings, and the trees are all just below this hill.

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