Thursday, February 28, 2013

Labuan Trip - Fishing at Sungai Kinta Benua, Kampung Bebuloh (post 3 of 12)

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When I checked back the Labuan map, I notice this maybe is the only place where they have fresh water. The name of the river is called the Kinta Benua River (Sungai Kinta Benua). And there is a restaurant on the riverbank, from the look of it, not much people will come to a place like this. Nothing special, no special attraction, only river and trees. 
I walk closer to the riverbank, and saw two guys there fishing. I went closer and chat with them, they told me that they are there since morning. And one of he guy also showed me his catch, and it was a big white fish. They called is Siakap fish. 



Then I bid good bye and continue my journey. In this area it has a vast of high land, and the people here plant a lots of fruits and vegetables. I stop by at one of the stall, that stall is a place where they will collect all the vegetables from the people there, and sell it. Its somehow related to the agriculture department of Labuan. I saw they have this deep fried banana, and Malay kuih. I then realise I haven't eat anything since this morning, so that's consider as my lunch. 

Start my journey again as I then proceed to the west side of the Labuan island, and there will be a long stretch of beaches to see. So see ya..

-- to be continue --

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