Friday, March 22, 2013

Labuan Trip - The Labuan Backpacker Inn, and the hardworking mummy (post 12 of 12)

After riding for the whole day, I’m tired as a hell. Went back to the bed and breakfast inn to rest, I rented a bed for RM25 per night. Its a big room with 7 double deck bed. That B&B inn has one lady in her 40s, she and 4 of her children stay in a room. She’s the cleaning cum admin, so from 8am - 4pm, she works here at the Labuan backpacker Inn and after that, she work in the oil and gas office from 4pm - 12 midnight. So hardworking right...

After 12 midnight, she comes back to the inn, and start to work from 12 midnight to next day 4pm. That night she was cleaning the room where I stay, and we had a little chat. At first she apologizes to me, cause one of her daughter keep on staring at me, and also make a lot of noise.

I said its ok, cause I always attract attention from the opposite sex due to my charm, and good photography skills (alright i made that one up... tisk tisk) I reply her that its ok, and base on my observation, that little girl maybe have this hyperactive symptom.

The lady said yes, and she’s starts to story to me how her child behave from baby until now (14 years old). And the reason she wants to work so hard, is to hope one day there will be a place to teach/cure/look after this child when she’s not around, and she manage to pay the fees for her daughter to stay there.

She hopes that her daughter will be just like any other girls, go to school, learn to take care of herself, growup, get married, raise kids. But now due to the little girl sickness, the lady might need to take care of her for the rest of her life.

For me I can’t do much, so I just told her some of the stories I meet back in Kuching. Like the story of Ah Hua. I wanted her to have hope that everything will be ok, because there are people which are few time unfortunate than her. After she listen to my stories, she starts to cry, and told me that she felt she is fortunate than them, and felt better now.

She’s a Malay, so I told her to pray more to Allah, and then believe in Allah will bless her and all her children, and they will have a bright future. Now she needs to accept that she have, and think positive.
From the conversation, again I can felt the love of a mother to her children. That love is unconditional, she willing to sacrifice even her life to exchange her children to be healthy and a good future. 

My dear reader, if you haven’t spoke to your mum this lately, pick up that phone now, and call her, talk to her, and tell her that you miss her.

Till then, thank you for reading my post. My Labuan trip report ends here, hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Apologies for the poor english, I will read more and improve :)

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