Monday, February 25, 2013

Labuan Trip - Chinese Temple, Buddhist Temple in the Labuan Island (port 2 of 12)

When I start ride my backpack scoter around, one thing that I notice its this small island has quite a number of Chinese temple.
The Chinese temple opposite the backpack hotel that I stayed, this is the “guang fu gong” a direct translation will be huge wealth palace 广福宫.
Then I came to this Guan Yin Pusa Association “观音寺” (Buddha of mercy) the guy in the picture is the person who look after the temple. This temple is on top of a higher ground, and I saw a huge lizard at the back of the temple where the bushes are.
This Chinese temple is called the “清水祖师” a direct translation will be the Shimizu Patriarch. What unique about this temple is that it has a very huge pillar outside, and on top of the pillar it’s the Buddha of mercy.
This is a huge Chinese temple, with a total of 3 stories. When I’m there, the people there are busying hanging the red lantern for Chinese New Year. For this place, what so unique about this temple is that it has a Hell Temple. The entrance will lead you down to a dark basement, and its very dark inside with just one dim bulb. On the walls it has carving on the scene when bad people go to hell, and punishment made on them. It really give me the goosebumps when I went inside.
I reach here coincidently; it’s more like I’m kinda lost my direction that time and just circling the place around. When I went into the temple, its very dark. I step out, read the sign again “Ying Fu Dian” “阴府殿” means hell palace. No wonder its dark!!! Since I can’t see anything, I just went off. And just when I’m about to leave, I saw another lizard again, another giant kick ass lizard. I saw a total of 2 lizzards in Labuan.
This is the biggest among all, and this is a Buddhist Association. Buddhism will come here and chant together, and do charities work to benefit the society.

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