Thursday, March 14, 2013

Labuan Trip - Creepy Abandoned Building (post 7 of 12)

While I was happily riding my scooter along the coat line, I passed by a small town. Not much people here, and the wired thing is there are a few building, but some of them looks like been abandoned.

When I drove by the Wisma Kosan Labuan, its a huge commercial building. But why do they abandon it?

The buildings belongs to the Datuk Haris Salleh, he was the sixth Chief Minister of the state of Sabah, in Malaysia. He was also the president for Parti Berjaya. He held the Chief Minister's post from 1976 to 1985. During his tenure, he was known to have controversially ceded the island of Labuan, which used to be part of Sabah, to the Federal Government, making it the second Federal Territory in the country.

But during his tenure, a few incident happens, and I guess the building which he owns had also suffer form the same fate like him.

Another abandon building was just across the Wisma Kosan Labuan, so out of curiosity I parked my scooter under this creepy old tree. Oh man~~ its really huge, and imaging if your here during night time, you will be freak out by this fella. It looks like its opening the arms, and want to grab you...


Before enter into the creepy building, I was attracted by the paint art on the wall. These people are quite talented tho : /

I mange to find the entrance into the building, and upon entering I heard some noise. I got shocked for a while, I turn left nothing there, look at my right side, nothing there either. Then "bam bam bam" again, oh shit!!! 

I suddenly think of  the Chernobyl Diaries movie that I watched. Can this be a place like that? No wonder these place don't have much people, it must had some catastrophic nuclear accident before, and the authorities covered it....

As my tough run wild, I then saw two cats chasing around $!@#$$%(*&%$ what the hell !!! So it was them all along.

I then start to roam around the place, it looks like a theater. There is a stage in front, and steps formation of path way for people to sit on.

The place are full of dirt, and rubbish. Usually this place will be utilize by the people who is on drugs. I then keep on exploring the place, hope to be able to find something related to drugs. But didn't manage to fine any... however, when I went to the back stage, I saw this...


Its a wash room, where on the basin I saw there are women panties. It really gives me the goosebumps when I saw it, it might be black magic? or some rape case happen here before? or people just make out here? I didn't stay long, I guess I better head to my next destination...the place until now is still a mystery for me.....

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Wack said...

Hey there! Interesting finding in Labuan. I am there and have not come across this place. I will try to check it out.
Also, good listing of the things or places in Labuan; same, i have been to some places too.

Wilson Chin said...

Hey, the building can be easily seen from the main road. Thanks for visiting my blog.