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Labuan Trip - Beach that I visited (post 4 of 12)

The Labuan island surrounded by beaches, and I just follow the map, and visited most of the famous one. And also visited some which is not mark in the map. One thing good about riding the scooter is that I can go into any turns I want easily. 

I didn't realize the weather is hot, not until I felt something is burning on my both arms. And by the time I knew, I got this sunburn on my arms already. 

01 jln kiamsam - labuan crude oil terminal
Jalan Kiamsam, The Labuan Crude Oil Terminal

I am riding down the Oil And Gas industry zone, this is at the south of Labuan island. The Labuan Grude Oil Terminal is there, not much to see there expect the building for the O&G industries. One my way out of that area, I saw this small road which lead to the beach, so I ride in. Saw another bike parked there, after 5 mins the owner came back. We say hello to each other, and the guy told me he was taking a dump there, and now he want to go back to work already...hmmm, its good that he told me that, and I'll try to watch my steps.

02 - uni msia sabah, labuan campus
The University Malaysia of Sabah, Labuan Campus

That building is the University Malaysia Sabah, the Labuan Campus. Opposite the university they have this beautiful beach with blue and clear sea water. The strong breeze keep on blowing towards me while I rest there, and my face are cover by sand. There are also rest stop which they build under the pine tree. 

I remember back when I was a kid, we have a pine tree at the back of our house. My brothers and I sometime will collect the dry leave of the pine tree and burn it. It was fun back then...

03 - jln sugai lada, taman anggun
Jalan Sungai Lada, Taman Anggun.

This is another beach which is not mark on the map, as I was riding along this village, saw a lane which lead to a beach, so I went in.

This is my favorite spot among the others which I visited, I saw there is a big tree, and a swing is tie on the tree branch. The fishing boat parked next to the swing, and there is a chop tree which now serves as a small table. I sit at the swing there, and enjoy the windy breeze. The breeze are blowing gently on my face, and I don't feel hot at all as I'm shaded by the trees. 

This is the life, a beautiful hangout place just a few steps away from your house. You can come here to enjoy the sunset everyday, take pictures. At night, can come here to watch the starts with your friends and family. I want a place like this!!! 

04 beach at Peace Park, Layang Layang Beach
05 beach at Peace Park, Layang Layang Beach
The Layang Layang Beach, at the Peace Park

There is a park called the Peace Park, this place was built as a memorial and renunciation of the horrors of war. It is dominated by the memorial mound which is surrounded by landscaped gardens and pavilions. On September 9, 1945, the Japanese officially surrendered Labuan to the Australian.

To show that they are genuinely sorry for the trouble their forefathers have caused, the Japanese decided to build the Peace Park next to the Surrender Point. The Peace Park pays tribute to the ones who have sacrificed their lives in Borneo during WWII. It is also a memento of friendship between Malaysia and Japan, and a promise of peace and harmony for all mankind that such war-like cruelty will not happen again in the future.

It was really hot that time, I just took some picture on the park, and then look for a tree shade, and hide under it. So the pictures above is the scene that I saw during my visit. There is a fresh water river which link to the sea, and a few fisherman boat dock there.

Something which interest me is that on the ship deck, they numbers each of the deck wood which I don't know why, and have no one to ask. If you happen to know why they do so, please leave a comment below. Thanks ;)

06 Batu Manikar Beach, Jln Pancur Hitam
The Batu Manikar Beach, at Jalan Pancur Hitam

To conclude my beach tour in Labuan, I went to this UN '08 Beach, the Batu Manikar Beach. The sunset was around 6.35pm that day. While waiting for the sun to set, I bought some fried banana at the Malay stall to eat. Saw a puppy was running on the sand, and roll its body on the sand.

Tried to lured the dog with my food, but it didn't fell for it...damn!!!

Not much people here, I guess they must have too many choices here... tsk tsk, not like back in Kuching we have limited choices. There are a lot of seaweed been sweep on shore, I tried to look for jellyfish or starfish  but can't find any.

I like to go to the beach very much, it clams me down when listening to the wave, and enjoying the windy breeze. Hope that one day I can come back here again.

-- to be continue --

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