Thursday, March 21, 2013

Labuan Trip - Dataran Labuan and Labuan Museum (post 11 of 12)



The last place that I visited was the Dataran Labuan, is the Independence Square of the Labuan Town. It was a hot morning, Its central focus is a raised open-airstage with tall flag poles flying the flags of Malaysia. At the one end is the town's field. At the other end is a replica of the "Chimney" with beautiful landscaped gardens and fountains. It is a popular venue for some of Labuan's main events.

But that morning it was peace and quiet, only a few gardener there cleaning the place up, and tidy the place. I wanted to go visit the museum, and in the map it pointed right where I'm standing. But I just can't seems to find which is the museum building. So I asked them, they are very helpful, and starts to look at the map with me. And pointed a building just opposite the road.

(face palm), oh... I said "dekat saja" (very near). I walk forwards the museum, and just when I was about to enter, my phone alarm went on. Its a reminder that the boat will be leaving soon, I calculate my time to walk back the ferry terminal, it will take me around 15 mins. So if I go in the museum now, and walk back the museum, I might don't have enough time to buy stuff back home (labuan we can get tax free chocolate, fragrance,  liqueur, and cigarette) I pause for a few sec, and decided to walk back the terminal. I will come back next time to visit this place. 
About the Labuan Museum, it displays the history and culture of Labuan. Its history covers pre-historic era of Labuan, Brunei Sultanate, British colonial days, World War II, Independence declaration of Labuan as federal Territory up to the establishment of Labuan Corporation.
Sorry dear readers, no photos for the museum this time. Guess we have to wait next time then....
-- to be continue --

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