Friday, July 29, 2011

Penang Trip, Day 7

Today I’ll drive my parent to visit a small town called Balik Pulau, and then will eat durian as lunch.

Tropical Spice Garden
I drive pass this garden, and went in to have a look what’s inside. The entrance fees is RM14 for adults, which I think is not worth it. The stuff that available in the spice garden are the stuff that I can easily found at India street back in Kuching, and even my mom plant most of the spices herself. For the spice garden, sorry guys, no photos…

Forest Recreation Park and Museum
For this park, there is a signboard hanging on the entrance saying that they suspect there are “mice pee virus” (something like that) in the park, so they now temporary close the park, and after they make sure that the virus is gone, only then they will reopen the park for visitors.

For the Forest Recreation Park, sorry guys, no photos again…

Balik Pulau Town

balik pulau

After that we drive along the mount road, the roads are like snake, some have danger 100 degree curve.  And the road is just at the edge of the cliff, so have to pay full attention when driving here.
The Balik Pulau Town is at the western of the Penang Island, which situated at the downhill of the western side of Penang Island.

For me I would said is just like a small town similar to Lundu, Samatan back in Sarawak. They sell a lot of durians here. Here is the place where all the durian are planted, and then been distribute all over Penang Island.
Most of the residents here speak Hakka dialect (same as mine), so when negating with the seller we can get cheaper price.

Durian Lunch

durian stall

We stop by at one of the stall along the road, and it has a sign board saying “Direct Sales” which means they plant, and sell their durian directly without middle man.

The owner introduce us the No.1 Durian at Penang called the “Red Prawn 红虾”, that durian is as big as a basketball, and for the taste…OMG!!! It really taste nice, I’ve never tasted such nice durian before, I kidd you not guys, when you come to Penang for Durian, ask for this, it really nice.

We also ate other type of durians, and all taste extremely delicious. All with a very cheap price, for example like the “Red Prawn” it weight 3.5KG, it sold RM10 for 1KG, after mom negotiate with the owner, he said he sell us the price of 3KG, which is only RM30.

Back in Kuching, my friend bought a normal durian for RM70!!! That’s freaking expensive!!!

My mom, dad, and me… we ate 3 huge durians, and FULL to the max. I wish my other 3 brothers are here with us, then we can have more, and it will be merrier. Wait next time I want to bring my other 3 brothers together as well.

Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory


While on our way back to Batu Feringgi, we drive pass one nutmeg factory. So I told my parent why don’t we go inside and have a look.

While we at the factory, we’re greed by the owner. He told us that he’s in his 60’s already, and he had start doing this Nutmeg business since 1953…OMG after ding my math, I found out that is more than 50 years.
He plants his own nutmeg, and by using the nutmeg fruit, he produce drinks, jam, cakes, medicine, and preserve food.

The owner is a Hakka as well, and is very nice, friendly, and honest, to us. He told us about his background, how he stats the business, also tell us about nutmeg, how to plant, how to differentiate a male and female nutmeg, how to store it, how to cook it, and a more.

He and my parents are like old friends that didn’t see each other for a long time. Mom buy a few nutmeg products from him, and he not only give us huge discount, but also give us a few as present.
I can’t believe there is such nice and honest person, and by far this is the best place to visit while at Balik Pulau here. Mom and dad are happy as well.

After all the talking, drinking and eating, we bit good bye to the owner, and ask him to visit Sarawak (he told us he never travel before).

I’m so full now, we went back to the place we stay, and have a nice evening nap after that.

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