Thursday, July 28, 2011

Penang Trip, Day 6

On day 6 of my trip, I went to visit a place that I always wanted to go. The hospice center, the name of this hospice center called “Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion” 净莲慈悲院.

Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion


This is a center which establish by Buddhist monk, and is a non-profit hospice caring center for the cancer patients.

The patient that stays here are all free of charges, the main objective is to let the cancer patients to be able to ease their pain, and to leave this world with less suffering from their illness.

Although this center is run by Buddhist monk, inside the center have all kind of races, Chinese, Malay and India.

I’m glad that I’m able to bring my parent to come and visit the cancer patient, as I know my mom sometime complain about life a lot, and so I took this opportunity to let mom knows how suffer it is to fall sick, and how lucky we are to be able to stay healthy. And we should start appreciate what we have now, and focus on the positive stuff not the negative stuff.

The center is just situated opposite the Penang General Hospital, and it used 2 semi-detach houses, renovated it and become a hospice center.

They employed retired nurses to look after the patients, and also several general workers for cleaning, cooking, and daily chores.

I like this place, and in the future if when I’m tired of my daily working routine, I wanted to come here and work as a volunteer to help the people here.

Queesbay Mall
After the hospice visitation, I drove to the largest shopping center at Penang the Queesbay Mall. This place is mom’s favorite, and one good thing is the mall has a lot of discount going on. So we stay like 3 hours there, for me and dad we just wait at the walkway, and let mom do her shopping.

Not much to tell about while I’m at the shopping mall…

Flat House at Tanjong Tokong area


After the shopping, we went to the place we stay. We stay near Tanjong Tokong, and while mom and dad are resting, I went for a walk… at Penang, there are a lot of flat, and condominiums. Where back at Kuching, Sarawak. We have a lot of houses; this is because there are plenty of land at Sarawak.

When I walk pass by a flat house building, saw all of the units at the flat, all very pack, and they rinse their clothes just outside the corridor. It must be very noisy here, and not much privacy either.

I’m so lucky that I have my own house, my own car, my girlfriend, my dog (well plan to have one soon). And I have my own little garden, I can park my car within my house compound, I can rinse my clothes at my little garden, I can plant flowers, and I can have a lot of privacy. I love Sarawak….

Thai Pak Koong Temple Tanjong Toking


I can’t believe it, while I was roaming in the Malay village area, there are actually a lane which pack with tradition chinese village house here, and on the end of the lane is the beach.

There is a Chinese temple here; beside the temple is a seafood restaurant. That time is around 7PM, but here is west Malaysia, so is still very bright.

There is this old towel near the beach, and they put tiny India god statue next to the building. Here at Penang, is like a religious place, and it is full of india temple, mosque, Buddhist temple, and a lot of small chinese temple.
The people who stay here are so lucky, cause they get to go to the beach every day. This is the life that I want. 

How about you my dear reader?


Pink Cotton said...

hahaha yeah i agree...penang is so full of people compared to kuching.

just bought a condo in penang...and the price is even more expensive than our double storey terrace house back in kuching. that is really the drastic differnece...cannot even afford to buy a landed property in penang.

Wilson Chin said...

congratulation Pink Cotton, well Penang also have a lot of good point like the durian are insanely delicious, and a lot of tourist destination, and beaches. I like it there.