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Labuan Trip - The Chimney Labuan (post 9 of 12)

Situated on a rise at Tanjung Kubong is the famous ‘Chimney’, a 106 feet high red brick stack believed to be linked to the coal mining days of Labuan. The Chimney, 106 feet tall, was made from more than 23,000 pieces of red bricks imported from England. The bricks layering and works are typical of British style, and it was build in the 1800’s.


I parked my scooter on a shady place next to the entrance, and I look at the bike side mirror. Oh my face are so red!!! The Sun really did its job well by burning me slowly. But since I’m already there, might as well just go with the flow, so I did not enter the chimney museum first, but go visited the big old chimney.

The ‘Chimney’ was long thought to be nothing more than a ventilation shaft. However, recent findings revealed that there were no traces of smokes or burning to suggest its use as a chimney as popularly believed. Careful digging has revealed at least 12 layers of bricks beneath the surface. The structure sits firmly on a large tract of limestone rock containing rich kaolin or porcelain clay, which provided the strong foundation.

So i’m really impress on the people back then, they don’t have the technology that we’re using now, yet still can build a building which can last for decade. If you see our country now, some of the project they even not yet finish building it, and we already can see shit happens.

Ok ok, back to my story. So the ‘Chimney’ is still very much a mystery until today. Various hypothesis has been put forward to its purpose. Some said it was an unfinished mansion. While others said it was a light house beaconing passing ships.

In its heyday, a thriving settlement was built at the sea front area below the Chimney. It was then used as a bell tower to announce the arrival of ships to the residents below. It has become an intriguing riddle that fascinates locals and visitors alike.
Now after the Chimney, I then visited the Chimney Museum. So this Chimney Information Center’s building is located just next to the Chimney itself, and according to my research, its known during the British occupational period as Cool Point. 

So now its functions as a site museum which will exhibit and inform of the history of Tanjung Kubong, especially the history of coal mining which began in 1847 through 1911. Inside the place they have a lot of pictures, mini models mining truck, workers, and equipments they used back then.


From the model that they build, I can see its really hard to be a coal miner. The environment you work is dark, hot, humid, dirty and danger. And I think even until today, the condition will be more or less the same. So pity these people, to survive... to have food on the table, this is the way of life.

But I got so tired, and almost every picture I took it turns out blur. So sorry guys, no good pictures here to share with you.

Up until now, I’ve been riding, visiting, walking non stop since that morning when I reach Labuan. I’m hot, I’m sweating, I’m thirsty, hungry, got sunburn... I need a place to cool down and rest. So far I’ve covered ⅗ of Labuan. I’ll just move on while its still bright.

-- to be continue --

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