Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Labuan Trip - The Labuan Botanical Garden (post 10 of 12)

I looked at my map, and I almost finish visited most of the tourist attraction. I reached the Labuan Botanical Garden at around 5pm, the park is already packed with people. Most of them went for evening jog.

The garden located very near to the town, with just about five minutes of car drive and you're there already. Back in Kuching, my residen park is only 3 min walking distance away from my place ;)

The Botanical Gardens is a recreational park with old trees and beautiful landscaping. And legend has it that a guy name Hugh Low, the Colonial Secretary for many years did much of the early work on that garden, many of the older trees were planted by him. And his house was completely destroyed during the war... pity guy.


Just when I was about to take a jog in the park, it starts to drizzling. Oh man... So i quickly head back to my bike, and ride back to my hotel. Therefore I didn't manage to take lots of pictures here, and I'll share with you on some of the pictures I took.


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